Silvina Tondini

Silvina-Tondini-Professional-Portrait-flippedAttorney Silvina Tondini is a bilingual, skilled, international advocate, negotiator, and corporate counsel with years of diversified experience providing counsel and directing individuals and business clients on a broad range of legal issues.Before earning her Juris Doctorate degree in the United States, Silvina practiced law for several years in Argentina as a corporate litigator.

Silvina has earned two Juris Doctorate degrees, one from Argentina and the other from the United States and is admitted to practice law in the States of California and District of Columbia, and the Federal and District Courts in Argentina. She has extensive experience in all legal aspects of immigration, business and commercial law, contract negotiations, international business transactions, real estate and business acquisitions.


Immigration processes are always stressful but having good legal help makes it lighter.

I entered the US with a spouse’s visa which had a limit of 5 years (my wife was the primary holder). I was lucky enough to find a job in 2009. 2013 was the last year I was entitled to my visa, therefore I had to look for a new kind of visa. The best option for my wife and me due to our circumstances and nationalities was to apply to the TN2. My wife’s process was going to be completed by her employer but I needed to do my own.  When it comes to legal help, it is always hard to find an honest and good attorney, someone who invests  him(her)self in the process and cares about it, someone who works beyond filling out forms. I needed someone honest and experienced. A friend of mine recommended Silvina Tondini. After describing my process to her during a phone conversation she told me what we needed to do and the terms of her legal assistance. After coming to an agreement we started the journey.

Silvina helped me to file an I-129 petition to change my status from my visa to TN while in the US and before my current status expired.  After filing my I-129 and providing all the necessary information, US forms, a perfect employer supporting letter taking into account the information of my profession in relation to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) and personal documentation USCIS replied with an RFE (Request for Evidence) letter. I had to proof to USCIS that my job duties fell within the ambit of those activities described for my profession in the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH). USCIS needed a more detailed employer letter.

I was very worried and I thought I was going to be denied the TN VISA, but attorney Silvina Tondini’s advice and professionalism guided me through this part of the process. Silvina answered all the questions I had from day one, supported me and made me feel very confident through the whole process. She was realistic about my options and very objective and honest which is hard to find when it comes to legal advisors.

After replying the RFE with a very strong employer letter which Silvina had worked on for days, I received my I-797A approving my petition. I should say that I have experienced different visa processes but this one in particular was very challenging since I never met Silvina face to face, all correspondence was through phone and email. Silvina made herself available for me to ask or express my concerns and she always came back with solutions and proposals. I definitely recommend Silvina Tondini, she is a fantastic attorney to have on your side. 

ALFRED, R. – April 2013
I highly recommend Ms. Tondini.
“Attorney Tondini is the true professional whom I relied on in my immigration case.
She gave me right advice in a timely manner when I needed it, and kept close contact to inform me of case status updates. I appreciate her great job. I will highly recommend her.” (M.H.)
M.H. – November, 2014
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